Home Automation through your security system: Total Connect Services

total connect 2.0

The newest trend in home security is home automation. Total Connect Services from Honeywell allow users to control their home alarm and more right from their smartphone or computer.

Maybe you’d like to check in on the kids when they arrive home from school, or an elderly relative with medical issues, Total Connect Services will allow you to keep an eye on those closest to you, while still taking care of other things. If you own a business, Total Connect Services at your office will allow you to check in on employees while you’re out. Perhaps you have a housekeeper that you need to let in the house, or a vacation home that you’d like to turn on the heat or air conditioning before you arrive, all of this is possible.

Total Connect Phone

Total Connect Services are more affordable than you may think; monitoring rates start at $ 42.95 per month with warranty.

Total Connect Services are operated through a free app that can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace.

Total Connect Keypad

Total Connect Services allow users to operate their alarm system remotely. Users can arm and disarm their alarm system, get real-time updates on arming and disarming, control lighting within your home or business, be notified if the alarm has been set off, view cameras remotely, change the temperature on your thermostat, and even lock and unlock doors.

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