Home Alarm Monitoring Options: Land Line vs Cellular

Honeywell GSMV-4G Cellular Communicator.

Honeywell GSMV-4G Cellular Communicator.

We offer two alarm monitoring options; traditional land-line monitoring and cellular monitoring. Both of these options have distinct benefits, and drawbacks. More and more customers are getting rid of their home telephone, and asking about cellular alarm monitoring services, so we thought we'd give a quick rundown of your options.

Land-line monitoring is your traditional alarm monitoring. The alarm is connected to your home phone line, and communicates with your monitoring facility through it. Traditional monitoring is slightly cheaper, if you don't include the cost of your home phone, but isn't as secure. If a burglar were to cut your home phone line, outside your home, your alarm system would be unable to communicate with the monitoring facility.

Cellular alarm monitoring uses a dedicated cell-unit to communicate with your alarm monitoring facility. The cell-unit is essentially a cell phone that's dedicated to your security system. There are no lines to cut outside your home, and if the box that the cell-unit is in gets opened, it sends a signal to your monitoring facility. Cellular monitoring does run slightly more per month, but again there's no need to have a home phone for your alarm. Typically, customers who drop their home phone service still end up saving money. Monitoring rates for cellular service start at $37.95 with existing equipment.

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