Home Security: 5 Quick Tips for using your Honeywell Alarm

 We've compiled a list of quick and easy tips for using your home security system. These tips are geared towards Honeywell Vista series systems, if you have a different brand home security system, the steps may be different.

  • Quick Tip #1: There’s a shortcut for arming your home alarm in stay and away mode. To quickly arm your system in stay mode, simply press #STAY or #3. To quickly arm your system in away mode, simply press #AWAY or #2. You’ll still need to use your code to disarm your system.
  • Quick Tip #2: Instant Mode is similar to the STAY mode, except it takes the delay off of your entry/exit doors. To arm your system using Instant Mode simply press #7. Make sure that anyone who is going to be in the home is in before arming the system using the Instant Mode.
  • Quick Tip #3: Maximum Mode is similar to AWAY, except it take the delay off of your entry/exit doors. To arm your system using Maximum Mode simply press #4. Maximum Mode is really designed to be used if you’re going to be out of town and no one is going to be stopping by to check on your home. If you have remotes to operate your system, make sure to disarm the system before entering when you arrive home.
  • Quick Tip #4: If you have a housekeeper, nurse, young children, a nanny, etc. you can add additional User Codes to your system. Most home alarms will store up to 16 User Codes. You can then change codes out as needed.
  • Quick Tip #5: If you have remotes for your security system, don’t forget about the Panic Feature. When arriving home, or turning in for the night, keep the remotes quickly accessible for emergencies.